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Our Iron Infusion is an ideal service for those who are iron deficient or suffer from anaemia. This service helps replenish iron in the body, restoring energy and aiding in the production of red blood cells. 

Consultation with your own Medical Practitioner is required prior to this appointment. We require a referral from your GP, including a pathology report otherwise if you come with your pathology report you can have a consultation with our In-House Doctor (consultation charges apply).

Best for those looking to

  1. Those who have experienced significant blood loss from cancers, ulcers, and heavy periods, for example.

  2. Have a convenient way of Iron therapy.

  3. Get faster and more effective results.

  4. Experience less gastrointestinal (GI) side effects.

  5. Those who take medicines that affect the body’s ability to use iron to make hemoglobin. These include aspirin, heparin, and Coumadin.

  6. Treat anemia or low hemoglobin.

  7. Those who eat a diet that is very low in iron.

  8. Those who have a condition that uses up more iron, such as kidney failure or pregnancy.

Potential benefits

  1. It’s a much more convenient method of treatment for those who want something more than just a quick fix for their condition.

  2. Iron infusions can treat anemia.

  3. Fewer side effects, like no constipation or upset stomach.

  4. Increasing your energy levels.

  5. Iron drip benefits that can be felt very quickly is that your energy will get a boost.

  6. Iron infusion is an effective and rapid way to replenish the body’s iron stores.

  7. Iron infusions are much more effective than taking oral supplements, which are absorbed into your bloodstream much slower.

  8. Reduces tiredness and fatigue.


  • Hydrating Fluid - 250 mL

  • Iron

Pathology report is required.

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