Dermaviduals Moisturiser Plutioderm Plus 50ml

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Dermaviduals Moisturiser Plutioderm Plus 50ml

For care of blemished skin. Support of acne prevention.


Besides native phosphatidylcholine and urea, the product contains ribwort extract (active agent: acetoside), mahonia extract (active agent: berberin), the keratolytic agent salicylic acid as well as DMS® components.


The product is applied in case of a predisposition for acne on oily skin as well as against acne tarda and blemished skin in general. Acetoside and berberin have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects. In the case of oily skin it can be combined with süüsmoon lotion P. Alternatively , if acne tarda is diagnosed, use with süüsmoon® lotion N.


The product is gently patted onto the specific skin areas, preferably twice a day. A mild cleansing with cleansing gel is recommended.


  • prevents, inhibits and treats the cause of most acne
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-microbial
  • salicylic acid: provides exfoliation, prevents pore clogging and reduces inflammation
  • sebum liquifying
  • sebum supressive
  • contains 0.3% salicylic acid
  • safe for pregnancy


Salicylic acid is the only beta hydroxyl acid that is oil soluble and can therefore enter the epidermis via the follicular opening at the SC.  It breaks up sticky serum and keeps comodones at bay.